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Nickel Allergies

I have had nickel allergies for many years. Many people do also, but don’t realize it because they don’t know that much of the costume jewelry that is sold and most white gold jewelry contains nickel. If you get a rash (contact dermatitis)  from a belt buckle, watch, ring or if your ears get red and swollen wearing earrings it’s probably the nickel in the metal.

I think white gold is the worst culprit. If you buy inexpensive earrings or a belt, you might expect the metal to be made of a cheap material. But, when you buy an engagement ring or wedding ring …read more about nickel allergies


One Response

  1. I first became allergic to nickle when I had my ears pierced by a friend in college. She used a nickle needle. Now when ever I use any gold plated, 10K or some 14K yellow gold, white gold or costume jewelry I have problems. Only 18K yellow gold, sterling silver, Argentium, surgical steel or titanium works for me.

    I agree that the U.S. should outlaw or at least require labeling of nickle products.


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