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iPhone/iPod Apps for Allergy Sufferers

Apple iPhoneI don’t own an iPhone, I wish I did because they seem like a really cool thing to own. Finding these allergy Apps really makes me want one even more, though not enough to ditch my old cell phone and pay for a new iPhone or iTouch right now.

I found a these Apps by doing a Google search.

Allergy Companion NoPeanut, multi-language emergency cards and links to information about allergies.
Is That Gluten Free? by Midlife Crisis Apps
Pepper Stuff Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards
for itunes.apple.com/us/app/gluten-free-restaurant-cards (free)
Jive Media LLC Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide, jive.me/firstaid/
Close Call by Polka, Allows you to overlay an emergency phone number and a short message (“I am allergic to shellfish,” e.g.) over a custom wallpaper image so that in an emergency, someone who finds your phone can get to an emergency contact without unlocking your iPhone. (free)
e-Agent Asthma-Charter, Peak flow and medication monitoring application that charts your measurements and allows you to share your results with your doctor. Useful if, like many people with food allergies, you’re managing asthma too.

I found an article by Heather Legg about “iPod Allergy Apps” .
The link where you can find the whole article is: beyondallergy.com/allergy-abcs/ipod-allergy-apps Heather goes into more detail than I do, it’s worth reading.

I will give you my short version.

Allergy & Immunology Headline News, maps of the allergy hotspots across the U.S. and latest updates.
Don’t Eat That, 1500 food additives and ingredients, take to grocery store.
icanEat OntheGo Gluten & Allergy Free, Personalize fast food menus.
Gluten Free Restaurant Cards, cards to explain allergies to restaurant owners in many languages.
Allergy Translator, similar to above, create custom cards.
Severe Allergy Coach, what to do in emergency.
ICE, emergency contact list.

New Apps are added all the time and pricing and other details can change without notice.
I bet there are even more allergy related Apps out there, Please comment below if you find more to share.

3 Responses

  1. Hey everyone,
    I just found another cool APP from AustinStartup called Pollen. http://www.austinstartup.com/2009/01/ringful-launches-iphone-app-for-allergy-sufferers/
    It tell what the pollen count is for selected allergens in your zip code. It can help you figure out what you are allergic to based on the timing of your symptoms.


  2. Hey these apps are great. I didn’t know they existed. I love “Don’t Eat That.”

    Thanks for blogging


  3. Hey thanks for the great APPS, I really didn’t know these were available. I love Close Call


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