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Ocar Night for Allergy Sufferer

I watched the Ocars last night.  The Red Carpet part is always so interesting to me because I love fashion and jewelry. As I watched all the cute young things and some not so young things in their strapless creations, I marveled that their skin was so flawless and smooth. As an allergy sufferer with eczema and contact dermatitis, I can never depend on my skin looking decent on any given day.

I know what my triggers for flare-ups are (I think), but being careful doesn’t always work. I think stress must play a role in the on-set of the rash. Can you imagine  the the stress level of the nominees at the Academy Awards?

I am allergic to textiles dyes, mainly blue and red. Eliminating blue and red eliminates a lot of colors. When you think about it most colors have some blue or red mixed in them except pure yellow which is definitely NOT my color. I mostly wear white and shades of pale beige next to my skin.

I also cannot have any fabric with a coating or finish on it. Another trigger for allergies for me is perfumes, I can not use any product with perfume in it. So I must watch what moisturizers I use to camouflage my flakey skin. So all my clothes have to be natural materials and be washed several times before wearing. Can you image that glorious Ocar dress after it has been washed a few time in perfume-free and dye-free detergent.

Well, I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year and doubt I ever will. I just enjoy watching all the fun, stress free on my TV while dressed comfortably in my well washed white cotton clothes.

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