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Do you have itchy, red allergy eyes?

Sometimes the first signs of allergies are irritated itchy eyes.

In some areas of the country the allergens in the air are especially hard on eyes, pine pollen just drives my eyes crazy. Over the counter allergy drops can really help, try Zaditor, Alaway, Refresh Eye Itch Relief, Zyrtec Eye, Claritin Eye. These drops are all basically the same ingredients, so buy the cheapest or the one you like the best. Usually they are to be used twice a day, always follow the directions.

Hang in there, seasonal allergies are just starting in many areas of the country.


2 Responses

  1. I have tried Zaditor (suggested by my doctor also), Refresh Eye Itch Relief and Zyrtec Eye and have found them all about the same. I’m not sure which is the cheapest. The pine pollen in Austin TX is terrible in the Spring.


  2. I use Zaditor and love how it helps my allergy eyes. My ophthalmologist told me about it years ago.


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