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Why do you think there are more allergies now than any other time in recorded history?

I have done a lot of research on both sides of this issue; this is what I’ve found so far:

• Some sources think it is global warming causing Spring to come earlier along with seasonal pollens. Areas of the U.S. not normally effected are now experiencing more allergic reactions.

• Others believe it’s because we are too “clean”. That our bodies need real bacteria to fight so they don’t attack healthy tissue and cause allergic reaction to innocent things.

• One group thinks childhood vaccines eliminate the diseases that children should be getting to make their immune system stronger (if they don’t die first).

• Some articles state that pollution changes our bodies to become more sensitive to everything, even harmless things in our environment.

• Other groups believe that genetically modified foods cause more food related issues.

• I’m reading a book now about male and female plants. We are planting more male plants because they are cleaner for cities (no fruit or seed pods) but male plants give off more pollen.

• I’ve also read articles that say, as a society, we are just spoiled and expect our health to be perfect. There are just more doctors trying to make a buck. (obviously this person doesn’t have allergies)

Most of these seem reasonable to me. I know my ancestor’s did not have as many allergies as my generation and my children’s generation.

On this page on my Allergy Comfort Zone web site I have written  three blogs on these issues:


2 Responses

  1. The earth goes through natural climate changes. Some years there is just more pollen than others. I believe the media has hyped this climate change thing out of proportion. Yes, humans are polluting the world, but in the total picture, I doubt it has that much impact.


    • Hi I love discussion,
      Do you think this natural process has accelerated in the last 20-40 years? It seems to me humans are doing so much damage before they understand the consequences of their actions. Just because we have a new technology, doesn’t mean we should use it. More research is needed until the full impact on other organisms is fully understood. Coming back to allergies, I believe there are so many allergies now because our bodies are not able to fully adapt to these changes.


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