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Contact Dermatitis and Chemicals used in the Jewelry Industry

I work with metals because among other things I am a metalsmith, I have a lot of problems with my hands breaking out from all the chemicals I use on a daily basis. Dermatitis is a real hazard for jewelers. Metal workers suffer high rates of skin disorders. If you use any of the chemicals listed below in your work or hobby, you may be at risk. Contact dermatitis is a group of skin conditions that may be brought on by exposure to chemicals and metals you work with or are exposed to by wearing jewelry or other item s that are in close contact with your skin.

I am extremely allergic to nickel as are many other people. Nickel can be found in white gold as well as inexpensive costume jewelry. It usually shows up when the surface plating wears off and the inner nickel touches the skin. Perspiration can make it worse. I am strictly against gold jewelry that contains nickel. White gold made with palladium and yellow gold cost a little more, but is much better and safer product. Ask for it when you buy white gold jewelry. Read more about Contact Dermatitis…

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