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Heat and Humidity Can Cause Asthma Symptoms

I live in the Midwest and our weather has been extremely hot and humid these last few weeks. I call this condition heavy air because it makes it harder to breathe. The heat and humidity creat thermal inversions that trap allergic particulates and ozone close to the earth. This makes hot humid days extremely dangerous for people with lung problems.

Normally your air passages are wide open, but with asthma, when you breathe this unhealthy humid air, it can irritate your lungs. Coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath can be signs of an attack. Heat increases metabolism and body temperature, which makes the body use more energy and require more oxygen. For anyone with respiratory problems, the need for more oxygen poses problems. With increased humidity, it becomes even more difficult to lower your body temperature. This makes the body work harder, to get more oxygen. This starts a vicious circle that makes asthma worse. What you can do to help summer asthma…


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