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Skin allergies most popular blog topic for me.

Even though I write on many other allergy topics like: seasonal allergies, food allergies and asthma allergy triggers, skin allergies is by far the  most popular topic on my blog. I guess it’s because there is so little personal and honest information available anywhere else. Many sites just try to sell you the product of the moment.

I have searched for many years and tried all sorts of so-called “cures” with little dramatic results. I am still searching for my own comfort zone as far as my skin allergies go. I will continue to write about my research and give you hints on valuable and useless information. What works and what doesn’t work for clearing up dermatitis and eczema. A few basic practices give me relief and a few basic products seem to work. I have written about all of this in my blogs this year.

Below are a few blogs on the Skin Allergy topic I have written about this year. All of these blogs can be found on my Allergy Comfort Zone Blog on the Skin Allergies Page: http://allergycomfortzone.com/skin-allergies.html

• Why do blue jeans turn my legs blue and make me itch? 7/24/10
• Contact Dermatitis and Chemicals used in the Jewelry Industry 6/27/10
• Textile allergies- are you allergic to your clothes? 6/15/10
• Causes of textile allergies:
• Somethings that can make your allergies to clothing worse and What you can do about it
• Are the FDA & EPA protecting us from harmful chemicals? 5/24/10
• Beware of Nanoparticles Used in Cosmetics and Sun Screens 4/30/10
• Are your clothes causing an itchy rash? 3/17/10
• A Strong Immune System for Healing Eczema. 2/25/10
• Banish Dry Skin Without Costly Prescription Cream 2/17/10
• Nickel Allergies 2/5/10
• Are ‘Hypoallergenic’ products really allergy free? 1/6/10
• Acupuncture for allergy relief 1/14/10
• Your Red Irritated Itchy Winter Skin 1/3/10


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the much needed help with allergies. I’ve read all your posts. I like your no nonsense senible style.


  2. Hi, the reason you are getting so many hits on the textile allergies part of your blog is because there is very little information available to read. I really appreciate hearing from other people who are suffering allergies because of the dyes and finishes on their clothes. I like to read about what they do to help the problem. I ordered a pair of silk long johns as per your blog. As soon as it gets cooler I will try them out under my jeans. Thanks I appreciate your help.


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