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Ragweed Pollen is high this year

Nine steps you can take to make your life more comfortable during the high pollen days of Fall.

1. Keep the windows closed in your house and car. The weather is beautiful now, but the pollen count is very high, try to keep as much out of your house as possible.

2. Change the air filters on your furnace more often than usual.

3. Take your shoes off when entering your home and keep your outer wear in a plastic bag.

4. Shower after being outside. your skin and hair can hold pollen particles.

4. Wash your pets frequently as they can bring pollen into your home.

5. Hire someone else to do yard work or save the work until after the first hard freeze when pollen counts will be less.

6. Wear a face mask when outdoors on windy days.

7. An air cleaner for the bedroom or a whole house air cleaner may help you to feel more comfortable.

8. If the above hints don’t help you, consider taking allergy meds to relieve your symptoms.

9. Wait for colder weather, the first hard freeze should kill all the ragweed. Then you can worry about dust mites and pet dander.

Please add your favorite allergy tips by making a comment below.

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