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Certain foods can make seasonal allergies worse

If you are allergic to ragweed and having a particularly bad Fall look to what you are eating. Some foods can actually make the symptoms of your ragweed allergy worse. When your body is being bombarded with irritants to which you are sensitive, you must be careful of everything that you come into contact with including foods.

Chamomile tea, watermelon, honeydew melons, cantaloupe and bananas can make your ragweed allergy symptoms worse. Years ago these melons were not in season at this time of year and there wasn’t a problem. Today with supermarkets bringing in fruit in all year-long people are starting to notice the connection.

Other foods and drinks such as, soy sauce, shell-fish, eggs, beer, liquor and wine release histamine which can make swelling and itching worse. Not only do you have to control your exposure to the pollens outdoors, but also what you are putting into your body.


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