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New Year’s Resolution: Track down secondary reasons for skin irritation

I’m always very careful about what touches my skin because it is so very sensitive. I stay away from dyed clothing, especially disperse blue and red, synthetics, fabric coatings and wrinkle and fire-retardant finishes. I wash all new clothes three times before I wear them using special detergent without perfume, dye or coloring and rinse twice. In the shower I only use luke warm water with perfume free cleanser for sensitive skin (I like Dove sensitive) and towels without dyes or fabric softeners.

Now why would I still be having problems with my skin breaking out in rashes when I am so careful with all these things that I’m allergic to? Read about how I plan to work on this problem on my allergy blog…

7 Responses

  1. My Food & Mood Diary is not really working for me. Nothing really conclusive. I eat so much of the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch. Dinner changes nightly, but tends to repeat on a semi weekly basis. I guess I’m just boring with my meals. We haven’t eaten out lately. My rash has stayed about the same (bad), but no sudden flare-ups.

    I probably need to start an elimination diet to really shake things up.

    Any one else having luck with a food diary?


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    • My New’s resolution is to “Stay Happy and Healthy!”


  5. I had a mysterious recurring hive problem that I finally tracked to two main culprits: Multivitamins processed in a soy-contaminated facility and natural thyroid (Rx) derived from pigs (that I’m guessing were fed GM corn). I have strong reactions to Genetically Modified foods and avoid all known sources.


    • Interesting that in both cases the contamination was secondary in nature. It’s hard to track down secondary contamination. I hope eliminating the two things you mentioned clear up your hives. I’ll have to keep secondary contamination in mind when I start my “Food & Mood Diary January 1st. Thanks for commenting on this Allergy Comfort Forum.


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