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One Year of Writing Allergy Comfort Zone

Last week I officially passed the one year mark writing this blog. Thank you all for a successful first year. I have had fun writing and researching this blog and I have learned a lot from the comments reader leave on the Allergy Comfort Zone Forum. I have found that my most searched blogs are the ones on skin allergies, eczema and contact dermatitis caused by fabrics, fabric dyes and fabric coatings. My second and third most searched blogs are the ones dealing with seasonal allergies and food allergies. My least searched blogs are the ones about asthma. In the next year I will phase out the articles on Asthma and concentrate more on skin allergies.

In my second year of blogging about allergies, I would like even more feed back from readers. A two-way conversation is so much more fun and educational. Please leave a comment on the Allergy Comfort Zone Forum below in comments.


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for doing what you are doing to get information to the public. I developed severe lesions on my skin caused by a Warner’s bra made of elastane (same as spandex) and nylon. My body is reacting to chemicals in the product. The company says the chemicals they use are proprietary information. They sent me another bra and it did the same thing. Online research shows a lot of consumers developing injuries to their skin due to elastane/spandex, but the manufacturers deny that their products are toxic.


    • I also have had problems with bras. I purchased one bra over the Internet that was advertised to be all cotton. It was on the outside part that showed, but the lining was polyester dyed dark pink. I am allergic to polyesters that are died with certain red and blue dyes. I could not wear the bra. Clothing companies will not tell us what fabrics their clothes are made of, because sometimes they really don’t know, because the items are made in another country. Other times, they reserve the right to change a product as some fabrics become too expensive. So you may be buying the same bra for years, and all of a sudden the same style in a new bra itches and makes you break out.

      All we can do as consumers is complain to the manufacturers and stop buying their products.
      Good Luck, Dayne


  2. Dear Dayne I have just stumbled upon your website and blog and am so delighted to find so much advice and information about allergies.I am allergic to Elastane/Lycra and am strigg and am struggling to find solutions in wearable underwear. I have seen the websites you mentioned and will try these. I feel very sad that a lot of clothes that I would like to wear may not not be and option for me for me from now on.


  3. Thank you, thank you for addressing skin allergies. There is so little information on the web about real people with real allergies. Most sites either want to sell you their expensive product that is “guaranteed” to work or talk over your head like a research PHD.

    I want to hear how real people handle allergies. and what works for them. I loved your advice about removing the tag less tags. Who would have thought peppermint oil would work. We will all smell so yummy in our completely tag less underwear.

    Thanks again,


  4. Thank you so much for helping me with my allergies. You are the best source for finding out how to prevent skin allergies and seasonal allergies. Keep it up


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