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Atopic Dermatitis- Why it’s so hard to control

If you have contact dermatitis or eczema there are pretty straight forward treatments to control the condition. First you find out what you are sensitive to, then you eliminate the cause. The causes can be, perfumes, soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, textile dyes, fabric treatments, latex, household chemicals or anything your skin comes in contact with.

With Atopic Dermatitis, It is much more complicated and it can be very frustrating finding exactly what your allergic triggers are. Atopic Dermatitis is the result of several factors combining inside your body. The multiple triggers must be tracked down and addressed individually. The main trigger will most likely be a skin irritant, the other factors can be any number of things. Simple allergy testing doesn’t pick up these multiple factors, because they only become irritating when combined. It is a long process of trial and error to finally find the right combination of triggers. Read the complete blog

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