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It’s freezing outside, why do I still have allergies?

If you’ve been stuck inside with the cold weather, snow and ice like half the U.S., you might find it hard to believe you still have allergy symptoms. It’s the allergens that are trapped inside with you that are making you miserable. Dust mites, pet dander, mold, perfumes and even smoke from fireplaces are still around and now you are spending more time indoors. 10% of the population is allergic to one of the above irritants.  In the Winter many people think they have colds, when they actually have allergies. If cold-like symptoms last longer than a week or if your symptoms include itchy eyes, it most likely is an allergy and not a cold. Read more about what to do for indoor allergies on my allergy blog…

2 Responses

  1. Hi! I’m just wondering if i can get in touch with you, since you have amazing content, and i’m thinking of running a couple co- projects! email me pls


  2. I can’t wait to air out my house, it’s been closed up for months. All that stale and dust filled air is driving me nuts. Luckily I don’t live with any animals except the human kind. Thanks for all the hints, I will change my furnace filters tomorrow.


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