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Book Review: “Toxic Free”

Are you suffering from unexplained headaches, fatigue, skin rashes or depression? Are you worried about the link between chemicals in the home and the rising rate of cancer and allergies? Or are you just looking to save money (and the planet in the process)? I don’t usually do book reviews, but I found “Toxic Free, How to protect your health and home from chemicals that are making you sick” by Debra Lynn Dadd to be an excellent book for learning about and changing your environment to be healthier.

Dadd, does an excellent job of pointing out the trouble spots in your home and telling you how to find better and safer alternatives. She is a consultant, lecturer, and writer on healthy and green living, Dadd has appeared on Today, Geraldo at Large, and CNN, and has been featured on the cover of Natural Health magazine. I found this book on amazon.com

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