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Yes you can reduce allergens in your home

I always like to get a fresh start for the New Year. I take down all those holiday decorations and clean and organize my home. Those of us with indoor allergies or have families with allergies to dust mites, dander and mold must take this cleaning very seriously. Reducing allergens in your home is a year around job, but especially necessary when we are all sealed up inside our home or apartments for the winter months.

• Wash your bedding every week, dust mites accumulate within your bedding and mattress. Your bedroom must be cleared of dust mites and dander  for a good nights sleep. Wash Stuffed animals, pillows, throws, small rugs and bedspreads. regularly. I hate to say this because I love them, but pets should not sleep in your bedroom if you have allergies.

• Always mop and vacuum floors, sweeping just stirs up dust. The vacuum cleaner is your friend if you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter or use a built-in whole house system that exhausts the dust out of the house. Everything must be vacuumed often, this means not only your carpets, but upholstered furniture as well. Don’t forget under the bed and the sofa, dust mites and pet dander tends to float under furniture.

• Bathrooms and kitchens  can be damp, run exhaust fans when taking baths or showers and make sure your plumbing is in good working order. Clean and disinfect areas that tend to grow mold.

• Bathe and brush your pets regularly, do this outside and wear a mask.

• If possible keep your outdoor shoes outside or in a mud room to avoid tracking allergens into the house.

• Never smoke in the house, when any of the residents have allergies. Even the clothes smokers wear can bring allergens into the home.

Have a heathy and allergy-free 2012!

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