Spring 2012: Pollen count is dangerously high, what you can do

The air quality alert is at dangerous levels for allergy sufferers. 1500 is the high limit, the other day we were at 1600. What is going on, I have never seen Spring come so early. Where I live we had 4 inches of snow last year at this time. This year we are having highs in the 80’s.

Seasonal allergies occurs when tree, grass, weeds or flower pollen in the air comes in contact with nose membranes and it triggers inflammation, causing sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, runny nose and cough. You can reduce or even eliminate allergy symptoms gently and naturally by reducing contact with the allergens and building up your immune systems.

What you can do to reduce your exposure:

1. Keep windows and doors closed to reduce allergens in the air in your home. Air conditioning can keep the air pollen free and  make allergy sufferers feel better in warm weather.
2. Wash exposed skin, hair and clothing after exposure to pollens. Never send an allergy prone child to bed after playing outside, without bathing and changing their clothes. The pollen on their skin will and hair will contaminate their bedding and cause distress at night.
3. Use HEPA filters in a air purifier in bedrooms to remove pollen and dust from the air.
4. Clean out nasal passages. You can use a saline spray or a net pot with saline to help reduce contact with pollen and reduce allergy symptoms in the nasal passages.
5. Eat anti-inflammatory foods and eliminate foods that cause problems. Foods such as dairy and wheat can cause mucus to form and cause more inflammation. Add antioxidant foods to your diet, such as: tomatoes, nuts, fish, oranges, apples, and berries. These foods fight free-radical cell damage which can interfere with your immune system.
6. Drink herbal tea to soothe the throat and nasal passages. Green tea is also very good to strengthen the immune system, though it does have a small amount of caffeine.


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