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New Puppy Complicates Spring Allergy Season

I have a new challenge this Spring allergy season; a new puppy who needs to be taken outside  every few hours. I find it hard to avoid the worst times of day for pollen and we both tend to bring more pollen into the house with each trip.

What to do:

1. Wipe the puppy down with an old towel each time he comes inside. Wash the towel frequently.

2. You should wear special outside shoes when you take your dog out to relieve himself. I use bright lime green gardening clogs. Leave the shoes near the door, do not wear them to walk around the house.

3. Wash your dog as much as you can. My vet has told me not to shampoo my puppy every week, but I can rinse him off with plain water. This helps to remove pollen from his fur.

4. If you are allergic to your dog, do not let them sleep in your bedroom or especially in your bed. Your dog can also bring pollen into your bed.

Enjoy your dog, but be aware of the extra pollen the brings into your home.

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