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Spring and Summer bring relief from itchy irritated skin

My skin has settled down a bit allergy-wise. Since it’s getting warmer, I am wearing lighter colored clothes without irritating dyes next to my skin. The air is more humid so my skin is less dry and flaky. I’ve settled into my daily uniform of light khaki well washed 100% cotton trousers with a white or pale colored well washed top. I make sure none of my clothes are wrinkle-free or perma press.

The more skin I expose to the air the more it heals. But since my skin has been damaged by years of using Hydro Cortisone creams I hate to show it. My skin has thinned, discolored and  become crepey in the areas of heavy Hydro Cortisone use, so I hesitate to wear sleeveless blouses or shorts any more. Beware of using Hydro Cortisone cream for longer than the minimum recommended by your dermatologist. It may work wonders, but it is not worth it in the long run. Don’t use Hydro Cortisone cream on your face!

To learn more about skin allergies and the ways to help your skin allergies see my earlier blog: Why are my clothes causing a rash?  http://wp.me/pL8NX-8v

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