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Confidence in Textiles

One of the readers of this blog made a comment mentioning a website Called Oeko-Tex. Here is a link to this website Oeko-Tex®, Confidence in Textiles.  I visited the site and found it to be a very good idea to label items of clothing that interact with our skin as to their safety. The problem is, this standard is mostly used on clothing from European nations. Once again America is steps behind on protecting the heath and safety of it’s citizens.

Here is some information from the site I thought I would share: Confidence in textiles – this has been the motto of the independent test institutes of the International Oeko-Tex® Association since 1992, with their tests for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for textile products of all types which pose no risk whatsoever to health.

For companies in the textile and clothing industry, the Oeko-Tex® criteria catalogue provides for the very first time a uniform, scientifically founded evaluation standard for the human ecological safety of textiles, against the background of the globalised and extremely fragmented nature of the textile manufacturing chain.

The Oeko-Tex® label indicates to interested end users the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles. In this way, the test label provides an important decision-making tool when purchasing textiles.

Confidence in textiles – an international synonym for responsible textile production – from the raw material to the finished product on the shop shelves. For industry and retailers throughout the textile manufacturing chain just as well as for users of fashionable, functional, colourful textiles.

I think this testing is a step in the right direction, I would be willing to pay more for clothes if I could be assured they were skin friendly and safe. That 100% cotton clothing is not sewn with polyester or nylon thread and that all textile finishes are labeled. Please leave a comment below if you have strong feeling about this issue. I invite both sides to give their opinions.


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