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Kashi Cereal has let us all down

I eat Kashi Go Lean Cereal every day, I love it because it has more protein than all other cereals. I thought it was safe and healthy for me. I figured all the sugar-coated mass marketed cereals had GMOs (genetically modified organism), but Kashi seemed above that. I was wrong, Kashi uses GM Soybeans. Well over 1/2 of all soybeans are GM, so it’s had to find organic or unadulterated soybeans. Even if farmers try to raise non-GM soybeans they can be contaminated by nearby GM fields.

If you want to know more about GMO’s, I have a quoted from  transformyourhealth.com
Just Say No to GMO’s Sowing the Seeds of Deception – Part 1 By Jeffrey M. Smith – Extraordinary Health Article
This site has a lot more information on GM foods and the dangers or eating them, so visit the site for more information.

More about GMO’s

“Perhaps not everyone is familiar with GM foods. For starters, genetic engineering is quite distinct from selective breeding because it involves taking genes from a completely different species and inserting them into the DNA of a plant or animal. The long term effects of this for our health and our planet’s biodiversity are unknown— and that’s cause for concern.

Fortunately, in the past, there have been institutions tracking unhealthy trends. For example, AAEM, an “Academy of Firsts,” was the first U.S. medical organization to describe or acknowledge Gulf War Syndrome, chemical sensitivity, food allergy/addiction, and a host of other medical issues. Unfortunately, the potential for harm from GMOs dwarfs anything they have identified thus far. The harsh reality is that GMOs can impact anyone who eats—in other words: everyone.

Here’s part of what we’re all facing: More than 70% of the foods on supermarket shelves contain derivatives of the eight GM foods on the market—soy, corn, oil from canola and cottonseed, sugar from sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, and a small amount of zucchini and crook neck squash. It doesn’t stop there, though.

The biotech industry hopes to genetically engineer virtually all remaining vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, and even animals.

You will be interested to know that there are two primary reasons why plants are engineered: to allow them to either drink poison or to produce poison. The poison drinkers are called herbicide tolerant. They’re inserted with bacterial genes that allow them to survive otherwise deadly doses of toxic herbicide.

Biotech companies sell the seed and herbicide as a package deal, and U.S. farmers use hundreds of millions of pounds more herbicide because of these types of GM crops. The poison producers are called Bt crops. Inserted genes produce an insect-killing pesticide called Bt-toxin in every cell of the plant. Not surprisingly, both classes of GM crops are linked to dangerous side effects.”

I’m going to search for an alternative to Kashi Go Lean Cereal today. I will let you know what I find that has as much protein. I am so sensitive to everything I eat or touch, maybe GM soybeans are causing my chronic rash.

Please comment below, I would love to hear what you have to say about GMO’s

One Response

  1. I have been trying to find a good substitute for Kashi Go Lean. I can’t find a cereal with as much protein and fiber and no soy. I’ve tried several organic cereals, but they do not have as much protein. I do add walnuts to add protein, that helps me last until lunch. Please comment if you find a good replacement.


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