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Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Everyone has an occasional sleepless night, but people who have consistent sleeplessness called insomnia might want to check out their bedrooms for pollutants and toxins that cause irritation, allergy flare-ups, watery eyes, swelling of the throat, respiratory problems, irritation, nervousness, insomnia and more. Formaldehyde is usually the culprit. It may be time to change your sheets!

The toxins could be coming from  your sheets, curtains, carpet, rugs, furniture or more. All permanent-press cotton and polyester/cotton bed sheets and curtains are coated with resins that release the vapors of formaldehyde. Engineered particle board or plywood veneered wood in much furniture and closet systems unless otherwise labeled gives off formaldehyde fumes. Formaldehyde can cause insomnia.

So change your sheets to 100% cotton sheets that are labeled untreated or formaldehyde-free. Sheets labeled organically grown cotton are usually untreated. Wash your new sheets several times in a dye-free and perfume-free detergent. Yes, your sheets will be wrinkled, but you will sleep better at night. I use Nellies All Natural Laundry Soda ( go to the 3rd page of my allergy store), Try this and see if it doesn’t help.


3 Responses

  1. I have developing a respiratory allergy to my clothes; I can have one or all of the following issues with freshly washed clothing ; itchy, watery eyes, coughing, minor throat constriction/irration. We have tried all the “free and clear” detergents, including Boraxo by itself and plain Baking Soda. Interestingly, the Baking Soda seems worse. Vinegar has been suggested. but we haven’t tried it yet. New clothes don’t seem to bother , only after being washed. All I have to do is smell the clothes and can tell if I can wear them or not. Sometimes, a shirt will smell OK when I first put it on, but later in the day I have to take it off because I am coughing so much or I just can’t stand the odor. Using deodorant makes no difference, but I can get by day to day without any using any deodorant. Years ago. I wouldn’t think of going without using deodorant day to day. Wondering if you’ve run into this before.


    • Hi Jim,

      I sounds like you have tried everything I would normally suggest for washing your clothes and sheets. It is strange that it is the odor that bothers you, yet baking soda really has no lasting odor. I know if I am in a room or elevator with someone who uses regular Tide, it really bothers me. My nose has become more sensitive through the years. The less I use products with perfumes/smells associated with them the more I notice perfumes and smells on other people.

      Since you haven’t tried vinegar, you might try it as a first or second rinse, it seems to make my clothes softer. I always rinse my clothes and sheets twice. If after rinsing twice, the smell still bothers you, maybe there is something in your water. Have you had your water checked for high mineral content or contaminants? Some people have problems breathing in the shower until they get a water filter set-up.

      Good luck and keep me posted on your progress, you may be able to help someone else.


      • thanks, we’ll try the vinegar in the rinse cycle. The water tests fine for harmful stuff, did not do the most comprehensive test, tho. I sometimes think the water has a “funny” odor. My son-in-law says the water has a funny taste nowadays….was always odor/taste free for years. thanks again for your input and thoughts jim


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