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Is a food allergy to blame for for chronic skin problems?

If you read this blog regularly you know that I’ve tried eliminating certain foods from my diet to see if any of them were causing an auto-immune response where my skin would be more sensitive to dyes and finishes on clothes and other things in my environment.

Last time I tried eliminating gluten from my diet for 6 weeks. I did not see any difference in my skin. It was very hard for me to eliminate gluten, I found it is in almost everything that is packaged or prepared. I stuck with the diet for the full 6 weeks and didn’t see any change.

I have also tried a dairy-free diet and I didn’t seen a change. This diet was easier for me because I love Almond Milk, and don’t eat much cheese anyway.

Natures Path CerealNow I am wondering what should be the next food to try to eliminate. Soy is a food that is genetically modified quite often and used in many foods, it could be the culprit. Soy is in a lot of things we eat. I eliminated Go Lean Cereal from my diet several months ago because I found out it had a large percentage of GMO Soy.  I really liked Go Lean Cereal so it was hard to find a substitute. I now eat one of the Natures Path Organic Cereals, They taste great, but they are not as high in protein and a little sweeter than I would like.

Maybe we should all try eating all organic foods for a month. Skin problems could be caused by the pesticides in our food weakening our natural defenses and causing autoimmune problems.  You are lucky if you live in a city that has plenty of stores offering organic foods like I do. The problem is they are very expensive. I know organic is better for us, but hate to raise my food bill so much.

I will ponder this problem and decide what step to take next. I will share the results.

11 Responses

  1. What about things with sulfites? (Or is it sulfAtes?) Last year I had a rash around my eye from something I was allergic too. While I had that rash, any time I drank wine or beer my eye suddenly became worse. Now that the rash is gone, I can drink without a problem.


    • Interesting that you can now drink the wine or beer without any problem. I do know when a person has Rosacea or even a rash, drinking wine or spicy foods is not suggested. I don’t know what kind of rash you had, but seems that any sulfite reaction would continue.
      Here is some research:

      “A 1999 survey by the National Rosacea Society of 3,151 rosacea patients determined different food triggers. With regard to alcohol ingestion in rosacea patients, this survey found red wine as the most likely culprit, followed by hard liquor, then beer as the least likely to cause symptoms in patients. With regard to spices, cayenne pepper aggravated rosacea 36 percent of the time, red pepper 34 percent of the time, black pepper 18 percent of the time, white pepper 9 percent of the time, and paprika 9 percent of the time.”

      I also found this quote, but could not find the source:

      “The symptoms of a sulfite sensitivity reaction vary from mild to life-threatening. The most common symptoms are mild and involve a skin rash accompanied by redness, hives, itching, flushing, tingling and swelling. Respiratory symptoms include difficulty breathing, wheezing, and stridor. Gastrointestinal reactions involve nausea and stomach cramps. Much less common but more serious signs and symptoms of sulfite sensitivity are low blood pressure, shock, extreme difficulty breathing, and loss of consciousness. As noted above, these symptoms of a severe reactions are most apt to occur in the steroid-dependent asthmatic person.”



      • I am new to the blog. I forget what caused the rash around my eye. I think it was makep. The wine seemed to worsen this rash, but once the rash cleared up, I don’t have any noticeable problem there when I have a drink.

        I actually have been having another ongoing problem with my eyes. (differnent from rash.) I have had 1 swollen undereye for 2 years or so. I have been trying to find an organic comforter. (I have organic sheets and pillows.) I think by using Toms of Maine CINNAMON toothpaste by mistake, I caused more problems for myself. Eyes are now more swollen, and having discharge. This is an allergic reaction, not typical pink eye.


        • I also find that the eye that is mostly on the pillow side (down-side) when I sleep on my side gets swollen. I don’t know if it is gravity or my bedding. I do not use organic bedding, maybe I should. I have been thankful to find 100% cotton without dyes or finishes for my sheets pillowcases and blankets.

          A lot of cosmetics and night creams will make your eyes swell. I always try to use hypoallergenic products. In the morning I use a cold wash cloth on my eyes for swelling, it seems to help a little.

          Good luck with finding a way to solve your problem. If you find something that works, let us know.


        • Yes, my sleeping side eye is the one most affected! I know I’m allergic to formaldehyde, so that’s why I am working on the bedding. As far as beauty products, I have a list from the CARD data base. I have lots of allergies, so most of my stuff is special order.


        • Yes, formaldehyde is a nasty thing to put on fabrics. I also have problems with it on my no-iron clothes. I always tell everyone: “if you see no-iron, wrinkle-free or perma press on the label RUN.


        • hi Tara,
          I’m not a dermatologist. Just another skin allergy sufferer. I’m not sure I see how the comforter would be effecting your eye. Do you sleep with the comforter pulled up over your eyes?

          If it’s the bedding, it seems more likely the fabric on the pillowcase would be contributing because your face is right on it.

          Why do you think it’s the comforter?



      • hi Dayne and Tara,
        Thanks for mentioning this about wine. I was feeling very frustrated for the last 2 days when my skin rash (around both arm pits) started getting more itchy even though I had been wearing only my safe clothes for the last week and it should have been on the road to improvement, not getting redder, itchier, and more bumpy.

        I stumbled across this post and then realized that I’d had a glass of red wine both yesterday and the day before. Aha! that may have been the culprit.

        Wine and beer have histamines as well as sulfites. Red wine has more than white wine.

        the histamines could be the culprit. I read a little about it here,


        • Thanks so much for commenting on these allergy posts. I want this blog to be a discussion platform for all allergy suffers to share allergy problems and successes. I think, together we can do some good for ourselves and others.


  2. I found that after eating tomatoes, i had an overall itchiness on my skin for some hours. The same is true of food with any artificial colorings.


    • That’s worth trying I do eat a lot of tomatoes. I really haven’t noticed a correlation, I’ll take more notice. The artificial food coloring idea is interesting. If I’m allergic to the dye on clothing, maybe coloring in food also.

      Thanks for your suggestion,


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