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Holidays are here, what about your allergies?

This is a difficult time of year for allergy sufferers of all kinds. If you are allergic to foods like eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, fructose, corn, wine, beer and of course peanuts and tree nuts, it is a real dilemma. If you are allergic to perfume, textile dyes, formaldehyde  textile coatings and synthetic materials you may find it hard to dress festively and be around people who do.

Be prepared, eat something safe before you leave your home so you won’t be tempted to take a chance. If there is something being served that you are extremely allergic to (like having an anaphylactic reaction) go home, don’t chance it. If there are things you are sensitive to, be careful. Always ask the hostess before trying anything new. If there is a beverage or food you can eat or drink bring some with you to share.

If you have problems with perfumes and tainted textiles, dress safely with 100% silk or 100% organic cotton under your clothes. Always wash your clothes before wearing them in perfume-free, dye-free detergent ( I use Nellies All Natural Laundry Detergent). Stay away from people who wear perfume or use highly perfumed laundry detergent. and fabric softener.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season.


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