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AAA-Choo season is just around the corner

Yes, Spring is near, but where I live it is still very much Winter. Tomorrow 10-12″ of snow is coming.Seasonal Pollen

Nevertheless I have seen signs of Spring in my yard. The trees are budding and the bulbs are popping their noses out of the cold soil. I have read in the local paper that juniper, maple and elm pollens are already here. Can allergies be close behind?

When you have allergies, it doesn’t take much of the type of pollen you are sensitive to start you off sneezing with itching eyes and a runny nose. Most of these allergens are found outdoors, but if you let them in your home you will never find complete relief.

Five things to make your life easier this Spring:

1. Keep your windows and doors closed on warm, dry, breezy, sunny days. Right after a storm, there is less pollen in the air, this is when you can safely open your windows.

2. Take your shoes off when you enter the house so you do not bring in allergens.

3. If you want to be outside, take a shower and wash your hair AFTER the walk to remove all the pollen you can. Also put your outdoor clothes in a plastic bag until they can be washed. NEVER go to bed with pollen on your clothes, skin or hair.

3. Install a HEPA filter on your air-conditioning units and air purifiers.

4. A Neti Pot can be used to rinse out your sinus passages and cavities. This can help reduce symtoms.

5. Try using a 24 hour antihistamine that can be obtained over the counter. Charitin, Alegra, or Zyrtec. If none of these work for you, see your primary care physician or allergist for further treatment.


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