Helping Kids with Allergies

It is terrible to see your children suffer with seasonal allergies. They wake up with boy_sneezingswollen eyes and have constantly dripping, raw, red noses. They are tired and irritable and have no idea why they can’t play outside with their friends.

My grandson knows he is supposed to stay inside, but he complains that he must have recess out side everyday and on nice warm days his class also eats their lunch outdoors. By the time he comes home from school he is miserable and irritable. That beautiful yellow-green dust that covers everything outside is very nasty stuff for some children.

Here are 6 things you can do to make your child more comfortable during allergy season.

1. Pollen counts are highest in the morning. avoid letting your children outside at that time of day. The safest time for outdoor play is right after a heavy rain storm, when all the pollen has been knocked out of the air and is still damp. The worse time is early on a sunny windy day.

2. Children’s hair should be covered when outside, it collects a lot of pollen. When anyone in your family comes in from being outside, they should change their clothes and wash all exposed  skin. Hair coverings are best left near the door or in your garage. If you do not use hair coverings, brush hair throughly before coming into your home.

3. Children should bathe or shower and wash their hair in the evening before bedtime. This removes all pollen from the hair and skin. You do not want their bed linens and pillows covered with pollen.

4. Your home should be kept free from pollen. Do not open doors and windows when weather is sunny and mild. Use your air conditioner to control temperature.

5. Outdoor pets carry pollen on their fur and can bring it into your house. When you touch your pet, the pollen can transfer onto your skin and clothes. A pet can also bring pollen into your house on its feet and fur. Brush your pets outside. Outdoor pets should not sleep in your child’s bed or even in their bedroom.

6. Since your child can not completely avoid going outside, there are many good allergy medications available over the counter and by prescription. Talk to your children’s pediatrician about what is best for them. Prescription anti-inflammatory eye drops and nasal sprays are very effective.


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