Food allergies and emotions

I have been very busy with research for upcoming topics and interviews to be shared on here soon. As many of you know, life gets busy. If you have commented on posts, I will be replying soon. In the interim, I would like to share with you a post I recently wrote on my other blog, about life with food allergies. The fear and worries as well as ways to overcome them. I have had food allergies my entire life and am only now sharing how it truly feels to the public. It is something that has been hard to open up about as I’ve often thought it was only me. After several comments and DM’s it is clear that this is a topic I need to explore more.

Please have a read and let me know what you think. Here’s the link to my article on

I am curious. What do you do to overcome your worries, stress or fear with other allergies? If you get hives from different fabrics, dyes or soaps, shampoos and lotions, do you feel that you have some fear or worry around trying new products? Please let me know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day!



7 ways to relieve sinus problems

The worse time for sinus problems is Winter as far as I’m concerned. In the Spring and Fall, other seasonal irritants kick in and at least my sinuses can drain. In the Winter when the central heat is on, the membranes in our noses and sinuses get dry. Mucus isn’t cleared as effectively, so the risk of infection and blockages causing headaches and pressure can occur. A few things that have helped me…

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