Time to get back to posting…

It has been quite some time since my last post and I promised Dayne I would keep up with her readers and keep Allergy Comfort Zone Active. So today I am holding myself accountable to my promise. I’m curious to hear what topics you would like to hear more about. Are there questions you have that you can’t find answers to? I often find that there are many things I cannot find an easy answer to and I’d like to continue making this your go to place when it comes to living more comfortably with allergies.

Please comment below or send me an email with questions you have or even topics you would really like me to bring up and share my take on.


One Year of Writing Allergy Comfort Zone

Last week I officially passed the one year mark writing this blog. Thank you all for a successful first year. I have had fun writing and researching this blog and I have learned a lot from the comments reader leave on the Allergy Comfort Zone Forum. I have found that my most searched blogs are the ones on skin allergies, eczema and contact dermatitis caused by fabrics, fabric dyes and fabric coatings. My second and third most searched blogs are the ones dealing with seasonal allergies and food allergies. My least searched blogs are the ones about asthma. In the next year I will phase out the articles on Asthma and concentrate more on skin allergies.

In my second year of blogging about allergies, I would like even more feed back from readers. A two-way conversation is so much more fun and educational. Please leave a comment on the Allergy Comfort Zone Forum below in comments.

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