Time to get back to posting…

It has been quite some time since my last post and I promised Dayne I would keep up with her readers and keep Allergy Comfort Zone Active. So today I am holding myself accountable to my promise. I’m curious to hear what topics you would like to hear more about. Are there questions you have that you can’t find answers to? I often find that there are many things I cannot find an easy answer to and I’d like to continue making this your go to place when it comes to living more comfortably with allergies.

Please comment below or send me an email with questions you have or even topics you would really like me to bring up and share my take on.


Today is a bad day for my contact dermat…

Today is a bad day for my contact dermatitis allergies. I wore all white clothing touching my skin today, yesterday and last night. I’ve used the same the perfume-free and dye-free products I always use. I never really know if there is another factor involved. Maybe it’s when I eat a certain food that causes me to be more sensitive to skin irritation. Then my skin comes in contact with something that’s never bothered me before. The combination of the two causes an allergic reaction I didn’t have yesterday. Any ideas?

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