Why are more and more clothes irritating our skin?

I’ve been allergic to fabric dyes and textile finishes for the last 12 years. Things seem to be getting worse. I’m not talking about my skin condition, but the clothes that are for sale now have more irritating finishes and colors than ever before. More people are getting a fabric allergy and are allergic to their clothes

It’s very hard to figure out what will irritate your skin when buying new clothes. Price really is no indicator of safety. I have found expensive clothes that make me break out from irritation to the dyes and finishes just as I have problems with less expensive clothes. It’s like I have a new clothes allergy. I do find that natural fibers are safer than synthetic fibers. The dyes used in natural fibers are less irritating to my skin. Watch out for fabrics advertised as wrinkle-free and stain resistant, this “benefit” is created by using chemicals as a fabric finish. Many people are allergic to the finishes on new clothes.

I always wash my new clothes three times using a dye-free and perfume-free detergent before wearing them for the first time. I also set an extra rinse on my washing machine for all loads.

Don’t forget your towels and wash cloths. My husband pointed out that we were still using brick-red and navy blue towels, after I knew for sure I was allergic to red and blue fabric dyes.  I now use natural colored natural fiber towels and have less problems.

Try natural fiber clothes from http://wintersilk.com or  http://cottonique.com, The detergent I use is Nellies All Natural Laundry Soda and dryer balls, see my Allergy Comfort Zone Shop for more products I recommend:  http://allergycomfortzone.com/comfort_store.html

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