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Celiac disease is NOT a fad diet for the millions of true celiacs and gluten intolerants.

I recently heard on the Today Show that gluten Intolerance and celiac disease has become a “fad” condition. Movie stars are jumping on the celiac bandwagon to improve health and lose weight. It’s important to realize that true celiac disease and gluten intolerance are very serious condition for those who test positive. Just because gluten-free diets are popular right now and many people are trying out the fad, is not a reason to discount the true health ramifications to the many real celiacs and gluten intolerants in the world. This is a serious condition!

If the new fad followers (not true celiacs) just limit their intake of gluten laden foods and prepare all  fresh foods from scratch, all will be well. But if many new products lines are developed to fill the gap, I’m afraid that the  diets of consumers  in general will suffer another blow. Many prepackaged convenience foods that are gluten-free are also very high in sugar and fat. This reminds me of the no-cholesterol and low cholesterol fad of the 70’s and 80’s. Every product was shouting it was cholesterol-free. Many products at that time started using trans fats (which are worse for health) to fill the gap. As consumers we ended up with a less healthy diet than before.

This fad can either help or hurt true celiacs and gluten-intolerants. It may help because more money for more research will become available or it may hurt the cause, because it will be thought of as a fad and people with the true condition will not be taken seriously. What do you think about this situation? Comment on the Allergy Comfort Zone Forum below.


4 Responses

  1. These Kale chips are awesome, I would never have believed it if I didn’t try them.


  2. It seems that every time some food or diet becomes a fad, food manufacturing companies take advantage of the fad to make money. I would hate to see super high fat and high sugar prepared foods being labeled as gluten-free and sold to the unsuspecting as healthy. Education is very important when it comes to celiac disease and gluten intolerance.


  3. I’m glad you are writing about this. I was shocked that movie star’s gluten-free diets are influencing what young girls eat. Celiac disease is a true verified condition and is very serious. I hope this trend, doesn’t make it harder for us to be taken seriously. It’s hard enough now.


  4. Thanks for putting this up!


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