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Peanut Dogs Help Anaphylactic Kids

An allergy alert dog (or peanut dog) can be a valuable tool and companion for kids with life threatening allergies. A dogs sense of smell is many times more acute than humans, this makes them perfect scent detectives to warn kids and their parents about possible life threatening situations involving peanuts or tree nuts.

Peanut Allergies in children have increased two fold over a five year period, according to a recent study. Many times these kids and their families can not participate in common group activities like church, scouts, school, travel or even a ball game. A allergy alert dog can give freedom and piece of mind to these families. A peanut dog can even sniff out peanut residue on ball park, bus seats, airline seats or friendly hands.

Unfortunately these service dogs are very expensive to train and the cost can be prohibitive for most families. Angel Service Dogs, Inc. helps to coordinate donations to help families- one dog at a time. The job of the peanut dog is very exacting, one mistake and a child could end up in the hospital or even die. That’s why it takes at least 6 extra months to train a dog that has already been puppy trained to be a companion dog. Read more about these amazing peanut alert dogs.

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  1. It is 5 am and I am itching. A week ago the results of my (horribly uncomfortable) patch test were given to me and I still do not understand. Textile Dermititis?? After being totally surprised, I am now totally dumb-founded. The two pieces of paper the doctor sent me on my way with….were so uninformative; it really was a joke. I could hardly read the names of the irritants listed; never mind find them on a clothing label or a laundry detergent bottle…. So I decided to research “disperse red 17” and “Benzyl salicylate B-010” another joke… Finally I arrived at your website. What a pleasant surprise to hear someone speaking in “plain english” about how I was feeling,followed-up by realistic ideas on what to do to help myself. Thanks again, for all your “grass-roots” information and understanding.


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